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Can I use any pump to increase penis size?
Not exactly. Inferior substitute pumps and massage pumps can't help you. You need a quality pump constructed of the finest materials tested and tried and used successfully for over 30 years. The Dr. Bross Penis Enlarger will give your penis increases in length and diameter and you'll see this dramatic increase in size grow right before your very eyes, through the pump's clear cylinder.

If I have a quality pump, is that enough?
You need to know how to use the pump. This is important. Our DVD and magazine shows you, step-by-step, how to harness the energy of our powerful pump. You will watch an actual penis enlargement demonstration. The DVD and magazine are easy to follow so that you will know how to use our pump to help make your penis thicker, longer and harder.
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The Dr. Bross Penis Enlargement System exclusive features not found on any other pumps.
Our Exclusive Power Vacuum Controller adjusts the right amount of vacuum for your penis enlargement. Exclusive Injection molded totally enclosed Vacuum Seal clear cylinder Guarantees 100% Vacuum and no air loss.

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We receive thousands of letters from satisfied customers, to many to include here. This is a typical letter from a satisfied customer.
"I wasted a hundred dollars on a couple of pumps. One broke right away and the other didn't do a thing. Then I tried your pump and it was absolutely amazing! The pump did exactly what you said it would do, enlarge my penis. I'm a very happy man and so is my wife. Thank you very much."
Bob R. Chicago, Illinois

In addition to customer satisfaction, an independent testing company says the Dr. Bross penis pumps are #1!

Tests determined the effectiveness and reliability for each pump. A large number of other penis pumps failed after only less than 100 strokes. Tests measured the amount of vacuum created and sustained or if there were leaks due to air loss.
With squeeze bulb pumps and the centric pumps, vacuum was not sustained because the pumps are attached to a straight cylinder with glue where air leaks would occur. The electric pumps sold by some companies use a fish aquarium motor converted from blowing bubbles in water to suck air. The vacuum created was minimal and not the vacuum needed for penis enlargement.
The Dr. Bross exclusive Power Vacuum Controller is included in all their pumps and creates and sustains the vacuum needed for penis enlargement. This feature is not found on the other pumps.
The Dr. Bross cylinders are made of the highest quality injection molded clear Resin-K for strength and to easily view the penis enlargement. The cylinder is totally enclosed to prevent vacuum loss. The other manufacturers cylinders were cloudy and the plastic was cut from straight raw stock and glued to the pumps.
After all of our tests we have determined that the Dr. Bross Penis Pumps are far superior to any other vacuum pumps for penis enlargement.

To have penis enlargement you must create a vacuum in the penis cylinder. The vacuum is created when the penis is inserted into the cylinder and the cylinder is airtight. With a Dr. Bross Penis Pump and cylinder you are guaranteed a perfect vacuum for penis enlargement.
If you have seen other penis pumps you may have noticed they offer several size cylinders and some with flared bottoms. They claim the cylinders are custom made to fit your penis. What they actually have are several size cylinders available. They are not going to make a custom cylinder for you especially when the molds for these cylinders can cost up to $50,000.00. They have several cylinder sizes because there pumps do not create enough vacuum and they use the smaller cylinders to fit a small penis because less vacuum is required. Some of these plastic cylinders are also very brittle and can break under the slightest pressure or when dropped.

Now lets see exactly how the Dr. Bross system enlarges your penis with only one size cylinder.
The Dr. Bross pumps have the exclusive Power Vacuum Control built in so you get the correct amount of vacuum for penis enlargement. The Dr. Bross cylinder comes with our exclusive insertion ring or 'doughnut'. The insertion ring is made of a special flexible rubber material that will stretch to accommodate any size penis. The soft or erect penis is inserted through the opening of the ring and into the cylinder. The base of the cylinder is then pressed against the body creating a perfect seal. Then, once the pumping begins and the vacuum is created the penis can be enlarged. The insertion ring at the same time performs another important function. It locks in the blood filling the caverns of your penis to enable you to have a hard and stiff penis. If you wish you can remove the cylinder from your penis and have sex. We also include free our adjustable comfort fit Prolong erection ring you place on your penis if you wish to have extended sex.
There is absolutely no need to buy several size cylinders for different size penises. The Dr. Bross cylinder with our exclusive adjustable insertion 'doughnut' rubber ring grows with you. As the diameter of your penis grows, the adjustable insertion 'doughnut' rubber ring will expand to always fit your penis. An open cylinder without an insertion ring or rings made of hard plastic cannot create the seal you need for a perfect vacuum for penis enlargement.
Because we offer a Penis Pump with our exclusive Power Vacuum Controller, an airtight cylinder with an adjustable insertion 'doughnut' rubber ring, the Dr. Bross Penis Enlargement System is approved and certified for penis enlargement.