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She laughed when I told her I would make love to her for an hour.
After an hour she wasn't laughing. She was smiling!

She wanted to know how I did it? What was the reason for my change in size and staying power.

I had not seen Katherine for about 2 months, so this came as a complete surprise to her. I told her the secret and now I am going to tell you the secret that was told to me by my father about 3 months ago and the same secret my grandfather told my father about 25 years ago.

Really, the secret has been around for thousands of years but you had to search for the ingredients of this special formula that that gave you a longer and thicker size. But the search is over. I will tell you about a pill that you can conveniently try risk free that will give you the power to satisfy any women beyond her wildest dreams. Imagine how you and your lover will feel after having the most explosive sex ever with your new larger size and dynamic staying power.

The story begins 50 years ago.
An Amazing Story That Will Be A Life Changing Experience For You.

My grandfather traveled the world as a photographer. He visited at least 20 countries and everywhere he went he listened to the stories of the local men of each country. My grandfather wanted to know why certain men had such a strong sexual vitality even though some of them were in their 80's. Many of the men from these different countries had many wives both young and older. He met men who were farmers, men who worked in factories and even successful businessmen. But my father's question was always the same. How did these men satisfy so many women. Did the men learn the art of making love or having fantastic foreplay. The answer was always the same. No.

Every man my grandfather spoke to told him his special secret. 

Exactly what did each man take to achieve such great sexual power. The most important thing they said was to attract the women. And all the women agreed a much larger, thicker and firmer penis was the first thing that excited women. But how do you achieve this? Not all men are created equal. A mans size can be as small as 4 inches and as big as 10 inches and average about 6 inches. But the women were not attracted to small or average. Bigger was better. To the women it was more exciting to have a man larger than average. My grandfather asked a lot of questions to find out the secret to a bigger size. In some countries he got the same answer. In other countries, there were different answers. It came down to this.

Is there a pill he could take to get larger? 
But there were no pills.

They could only give him the raw ingredients he combined and formulated into a mixture he could take with water to achieve the desired results. Of course he knew this could be made into a pill, but for now he took his compounded mixture. He got 8 inches of the firmest erection he ever had in his life. Now my grandfather knew the secret of male enlargement. A secret one-day he would share with his son, my father.

My father still did not know even with a much larger size how did the men from so many far away places satisfy so many women.

My grandfather explained size was very important but greater sexual performance was also very important. Next my grandfather told my father about an experience he had on a tropical island in the Pacific. My grandfather learned from the men of this warrior tribe how they captured so many women from other tribes and managed to keep all of them sexually satisfied. Some of these men had as many as ten women to take care of. How did they do it? Soon my grandfather discovered their secret. The men talked about certain shrubs and roots they boiled in water and made it into a paste consistency. To the men it was almost like a religious ceremony. They explained to my grandfather that it was this mixture that gave them the power they needed to have sex 2 or 3 times a day and sometimes almost every day of the week.

The men had never seen a camera or photos until my grandfather took their pictures and was able to capture their image just like reflection in a pool of water. The men made an exchange with my grandfather. They would tell my grandfather all of the ingredients of this potent sex formula if he would take photos of them.

Of course my grandfather said yes and now he held the power of two secrets. The secret of male enlargement and sexual performance. My grandfather brought all the ingredients home and was able to duplicate everything in a hi-tech lab and converted all the formulas into one easy to take pill. This is the pill I told you about earlier that will give you what you need for successful male enlargement and sexual power. When I was 20 about 3 months ago my father gave me the pills and that is how I was able to surprise Katherine and we both had the greatest sex you could ever wish for. The pills have been available for about eleven years but my father wanted to wait until I was 20 before I could have them. Now you can join the thousands of men who have tried my fathers pills and share in the secrets discovered by my grandfather 50 years ago for male enlargement and greater sexual performance.

Let me share the secret with you.

Here is an offer I would like to make to you. Try the M-Factor pills, made with the very same type of ingredients discovered by my grandfather and if you don�t enlarge your penis and enjoy the best sex you ever had, return the bottles for a 100% money back guarantee. You must be satisfied with the results. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  More sex several times a week and can help stop premature ejaculations.
Continue to take M-FACTOR PILLS to reach your maximum potential and maintain your sexual stamina and performance.

You will notice a change in the width and then you will see a longer much firmer penis.

Dr. Bross advises "You must have realistic expectations. Every man is different and individual results will vary. Erection size can be up to 3-4 inches bigger and can have long-lasting results when you take
M-FACTOR PILLS. The longer you take the pills you can have a longer, thicker and harder penis."

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Thank you for your interest.
John Murray 

Dr. J.R. Bross
Scientific Consultant

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